Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DIY Digital Distribution For Your E.P. / L.P.
The Following is a list of useful links if you are thinking of publishing your music yourself:

An awesome Studio to Record your music
A great organization to belong to if you get airplay on a major station (Free to Join)

Good pricing for Digital Distribution
You can save a few dollars here if you get your own Barcode
For what it’s worth.  Here is a quote that landed in my email from ” Music Think Tank”.
You can read the entire article at the attached link.  Rock On \m/

A good music business plan is, first and foremost, specific. People always talk about the “next level,” and it drives me absolutely insane. I don’t begrudge people for wanting to advance their careers, but my frustration is when I hear the term “next level,” I know that 95% of the time the person saying it hasn’t clearly defined what they need let alone what they want. It sounds like they’re looking for a Nintendo cheat code.


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